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Welcome to PYRYLANDIA Sp. z o.o. service centre

The service is open:

Monday through Friday
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

PYRYLANDIA Sp. z o. o.
Proffesional Radio-Communication Systems

Poprawna 46a
03-984 Warsaw

Tel./Fax: (+48) 22 644 36 35,
(+48) 22 644 34 69,
(+48) 22 644 36 50
E-mail: serwis@pyrylandia.com.pl
www: http://www.pyrylandia.com.pl
VAT Number: PL 521-10-34-435
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[ GPS: N52.2127354 °, E21.1151525 ° ]


Since 1990 the Pyrylandia is providing radio communication services for customers. We have the high trained staff at our disposal and we have very well equipped service centre.


  • Round-the-clock service duty:
    • telephone help;
    • emergency help;
    • other scope - for establishing at signing the agreement.
  • After sales service of the radio-communication equipments;
  • Repairs, programming, inspections, conservation, batteries replacement...
  • Measurements of basic radio parameters (frequency, power, SWR, etc);
  • Specialist measurements among others of propagation, of airwaves, of transmitting-receiving parameters;
  • Trainings, maintenance and the assembly of offered devices and systems ...
  • Executing projects and documentation of devices and radio-communication systems ;
  • Technical help.
To get more information, please contact with the technical section of our company.

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